Adult Indoor/Outdoor Cat Vaccinations

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Feline Vaccinations - Adult Vaccination Schedule - Indoor/Outdoor Cat

Indoor/Outdoor cats have a much higher risk for disease which changes the level of care they need in order to ensure their continued health.  Here we have chosen to use a new brand of recombinant vaccine, called Purevax, that has removed the chemicals that cause vaccine-associated cancers in cats.  These are annual vaccines.  At one year of age, all cats need to have boosters of the core vaccinations.  Added to this, indoor/outdoor cats will also have a combination of non-core vaccines such as the Feline Leukemia or Feline AIDS vaccine and Chlamydia sp. bacterin.  After one year of age, the core and non-core vaccines will be given based on the health status and risk category of the cat and the potential for side effects.  Each year, we will re-evaluate your cat's risk, health and needs to best fit the vaccine schedule to your pet.  Call us for an appointment to have your cat examined and together we will develop a long-term plan to make his or her life as happy and healthy as it can be!