Online Pharmacies

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In today's world, the internet has become an indispensable tool for enriching and managing our everyday lives.  You can find most anything you want to purchase online, including medications.  Traditionally, most veterinary hospitals have provided in-house pharmacies for the convenience of clients who wish to purchase medications and supplies.  Today there are other options, including online pharmacies catering to pet medications of almost every variety.  At Franklin Falls, we try to provide a broad range of top quality medications for our clients.  We are also fortunate to be able to work with the Walgreen's pharmacy to provide additional convenience.  For those who wish to purchase their medications online, there are some risks involved that every consumer should be aware of before stepping into the online ordering world.

The FDA has an educational page available to give some guidelines for online drug purchasing.

Problems arise due to the fact that the internet is not regulated in any way.  Drugs can come from other countries, be repackaged out-of-date products or even watered-down products that are then sold for a profit back to the United States.  Also, the actual handling of the medications is unknown when ordering over the internet.

Some drugs are very susceptible to heat, cold or rough handling that could make them ineffective.

We have personal relationships with each or our suppliers and enjoy overnight delivery on many products after they are ordered, decreasing the chances of any problems due to handling or unknown markets.

For those still wishing to purchase online, we write prescriptions for medications that can be used at any licensed pet pharmacy.  Use the FDA website to educate yourself on those factors that can increase the degree of confidence in the online pharmacy and decrease the chances of a negative experience.