Educational Meetings

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Here at Franklin Falls, providing up-to-date information about disease prevention and wellness care is our priority.  We have mandatory weekly educational seminars given by a variety of experts in the field.  Also, each staff member is responsible for presenting regular educational seminars.  Here are some of our recent topics!

Hill's representative
December 3, 2009
Our representative from Hill's presented us with lots of information on prescription diets.

Virbac representative
October 20, 2009
Our representative from Virbac, Jim, gave us a fascinating demo on all kinds of products for canine and feline dental care.

Novartis representative
May 3, 2009
Heather, from the Novartis company, gave a rousing speech about the complex flea life cycle and how products such as Sentinel can break that life cycle through reproduction control.

Pfizer representative
April 29, 2009
Brian, from the Pfizer company, stopped by to educate us concerning Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory medications, such as injectable Rimadyl, which we use before every surgery for pain relief.