Intestinal Parasites

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What you don't know can hurt your pet and your family

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There have been safe and effective treatments for most common intestinal parasites for years.  However, due to the difficulty with complete eradication, the presence of parasites within wild and stray animals and a lack of public awareness, dangerous parasites are still common within the pet population today.

Zoonotic parasites are parasites that can be transmitted to humans.  Parasites can be transmitted through several different means, but they are all undesirable and preventable.  As many as 3 to 6 million Americans are infected with one particular species of roundworm each year.  Zoonotic parasites can cause a wide variety of symptoms from a nasty rash to death.  Our families and our pets must be protected!   

In order to accomplish this goal, Franklin Falls Animal Clinic follows the Companion Animal Parasite Council's recommendations on fecal examinations, parasite treatment and prevention protocols.  We feel this is the best method to provide comprehensive care for your most precious family members.